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 Jan 2017

We stand out by:

  • Creating western desserts specifically for delivery.

  • Bringing transparency to the cloud kitchen model.

 April 2017

To finalize our core offerings, we carefully selected a range of delectable desserts, including the crispiest waffles, long-lasting moist crepes, and fluffy authentic pancakes for delivery.

It took us two months to perfect the crispiest waffle, moist crepes that last, and fluffy authentic pancakes for delivery.

 March 2017

The day we went online.

 July 2017

Our Creation Timeline

Who Are We

We are India’s first brand to start a dessert delivery chain with the ideology of doing something unique. To start a dessert parlour as a delivery concept. We took up the challenge of mastering western dessert comfort foods delivered straight to the customer’s comfort zone. On top of it, we intend to stay & maintain the reputation of being India’s most transparent food brand, where we allow you to question anything & everything.

How are we different?

  1. Addressing the gap in quality western desserts made for delivery, we are a customer-centric and SOP-oriented company. We have created a different impression of dark or cloud kitchens by providing transparency to customers, allowing them to see and feel where their delivery actually comes from.

  2. We are India's most transparent and clean food delivery brand, offering a base kitchen with a dine-in facility, open to anyone and everyone.

  3. We are the world's first to master crepes for delivery, ensuring they remain edible even six hours after delivery, unlike crepes worldwide that become inedible by the time they are delivered.

  4. Enjoy the authentic Brussels Waffle, India's crunchiest waffle, delivered to your doorstep.

  5. Unlike most dessert parlors that focus on retail, we are the only food brand in the world dedicated to mastering products like crepes and waffles for delivery. Our Crepe-fe crepes remain edible from six to seven hours after delivery.

  6. Our base kitchen welcomes customers, merchants, and vendors to come and enjoy our premises on-site, interact with the staff, and witness the live preparation of our products.

  7. Everything is made and churned in-house, from bagel buns and overnight marinations to in-house batters and sauces, ensuring freshness.

  8. We are probably the only delivery consumer kitchen in India that does not have a microwave.

  9. As veggie lovers are abundant in India, all our crepe, waffle, and pancake batters are completely eggless and 100% vegetarian.

  10. We value your input as our first investor and CEO. Your thoughts and feelings guide us to constantly improve your experiences.

  11. Experience the crispiest waffles in the country! It took us 65 days and over different kinds of batters to master this achievement. Our waffle maker comes from Brussels, sourced from a family business with 50 years of expertise. We are one of only two companies in India that have invested heavily in this machine, each costing a lakh.

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Human Behind The Dream

Crepe-fe is not just a brand, but a dream to provide the mastery of comfort western desserts delivered to customers' comfort zones across the globe one day. Shourrya Sachdeva, driven by his passion for culinary excellence and a vision for delivering exceptional desserts, embarked on this journey. From his high school days to hotel school in Switzerland, the dream of Crepe-fe took shape. With unwavering determination, the team worked tirelessly for 75 days to lay the foundation of this dream.

At Crepe-fe, we aim to change perceptions in the market, revolutionizing the delivery of unbelievably delicious western delights right to your doorstep. We are committed to ensuring hygiene and transparency in our food operations, addressing the concerns of discerning customers.

Every step we take, from perfecting our recipes to meticulously organizing our processes, is driven by the dream to bring joy and satisfaction to dessert lovers worldwide. Together, we are working towards making this dream a reality, one delicious bite at a time.

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Shourrya Sachdeva

Founder & Ceo

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Co-Founder - Kanav Sachdeva

Co-Founder: Kanav Sachdeva- Business management & marketing Brunel college London.

Kanav joined Crepe-fe a year later as co-founder leading the retail business model. Having experience in leading the sales and marketing of a FMCG firm, he brings on board his own set of exposure and skill sets to lead the expansion of the Crepe-fe.

birth of thought


Where it all began

From the first moments of opening our kitchen to our inaugural food pop-up event, we embarked on a journey of firsts. Along the way, we faced numerous challenges and received valuable feedback. Our unwavering focus was on listening to our customers, which enabled us to continually evolve and improve.

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